User Management

As an administrator or facilitor, it may be necessary to invite a user that may not have a) signed up to COSMOS or b) may bot be a part of COSMOS that has new user registration enabled. 

As such, it may be necessary to invite users to COSMOS. This achieved using the following steps:

In order to perform these steps, a user must have the 'Admin' role within COSMOS

1) Click on the username / email address within the COSMOS Toolbar. The following toolbar will now appear:


2) Click 'Users'. The following screen will appear:


3) Click 'Invite new user'. Enter a name and email address of the new users.


4) Provide the user with the correct role.


The user will be able to see all other projects - including their own - as well as administer COSMOS


The user will be able to edit any project that they create or have access to.


The user will be only able to view any project that they have access to.

5) Once completed, click 'Invite new user'. This will send an email to the new user, whereby they have to click on a link to commence the signup process.

6) The list of users - and their status and permissions - will then appear in the user account list.