The COSMOS Toolbar

The COSMOS Toolbar is a constant set of tools relating to COSMOS projects:


It provides access to the following features:

Save: This is a manual way to save your current progress. If automatic saving is disabled by your adminsitrator, clicking 'Save' will store the current progress of your project.

Download: By clicking 'Download' it is possible to export the current COSMOS model in it's current state in PDF or .PNG formats. The 'Download' function allows for a snapshot of progress to be created in either format.

Export: COSMOS allows for the exporting of projects. This allows for the moving and duplication of projects across users and different COSMOS instances. 

Last saved at: This is a visual indictator as to the last time the project was saved within the current session.

More details: 'More details' is a feature whilch allows for users to enter more information into the Responsive Model Canvas area within COSMOS models. Toggling this will disable the creation and display of 'Moore details' within the Responsive Model Canvas. It is enabled by default. 

Scale to fit: On occaison, the size of the Responsive Model Canvas within COSMOS is too big for the current display. Toggling the Scale to fit on will resize the canvas to fit to the size of your display. It is disabled by default.

Username: This displays the current, logged on user accessing the COSMOS project. By clicking on this, it directs the user to their account details where it's possible to change email address and password.

Language: Clicking on this changes the native language of COSMOS. The current options are: English, Greek, Spanish, Hungarian, Finnish, French, German, Polish, Italian, Dutch, Estonian, and Swedish.