More Details Toolbar Option

By double-clicking anywhere on the Responsive Model Canvas, it is possible invoke the the 'More details' pop-up box. 'More details' allows the End User to discretely record more information directly on to the canvas:


'More details' appear on the canvas as an image-1609555810255.png icon. This icon can be dragged around the Responsive Model Canvas to be placed in a more convenient location. Equally, an unlimited number of 'More details' can be added.

Should a 'More details' be required to be deleted, simply click on the image-1609555810255.png icon, and then press the trash can button.           


The ability to use the 'More details' feature is dependant on whether the End User has the correct roles - in this case, the Edit and Admin roles - for the project. Also, the 'More details' feature can be toggled off - via the COSMOS Toolbar.