Community Reporting

About the Community Reporting Section

The purpose of the Community Reporting section is to provide external web links to files, documents and resources which may be useful to further explain those components included within the environment COSMOS has been applied to analyse.

The Comunity Reporting section does not permit the uploading of files - this is reserved for the Documents section of COSMOS.  The Community Reporting section of COSMOS is defined for handling external web links which may lead  to documents, photos or other files.

Adding a Community Reporting Item

1) When no 'Community Reporting' items exist, the following will be displayed. If items do exist, skip to action #3 below.


2) Click 'Manage Community Reporting'

3) The Project Navigation will now show the following:


4) Here, enter a recognizable name and press 'Enter'. This will now create an item in the Responsive Model Canvas:


5) In the Project Navigation click the Cimmunity Reporting item to reveal more detail:


Enter a web address to provide more information regarding the item and click 'OK'. The Responsive Model Canvas will update to include an arrow which, when clicking on it, will launch the destination in a new web browser window:


Reordering a Community Reporting Item

When there are two or more items, it is possible to reorder them. To do so, in the Project Navigation click and drag the image-1609553517970.png icon and move up-and-down to reorder the Community Reporting items.

Removing a Community Reporting Item

1) In the Project Navigation click the Community Reporting item to reveal more detail:


2) Click the red, trash can icon to delete the Community Reporting item.