The User Guide

Several of the COSMOS models have a User Guide activated within them. These appear at the top of the Responsive Model Canvas.


By clicking 'Next' two things occur: the next part of the User Guide is displayed and the next part of the model is displayed. The model is built along with the User Guide and provides a step-by-step display of the model. If necessary, it is possible go back through the model by clicking the 'Back' button.  Once the model is completed, the 'Close' button is displayed. Clicking 'Close' allows the End User to commence with their own completion of the model:


If the User Guide is not required, clicking 'Skip user guide' will close it and will allow the End User to begin to complete the model.

The purpose User Guide is to both describe, in a step-by-step manner, the features and purpose of the model, but also to provoke and promote conversation about the model. Furthermore, it is also used to associate the model with the suggest content, as well provide a visual indication of the completed model.

In addition, the icons used within the User Guide are prompts for the End User or Facilitator to ask or consider the 


This is is an information item regarding the model including the theory and practice that underpins it. The informational items tend to provide the participants with direction and aspects to consider. 



This is a discussion item and provides specific highlights relating to the model and its content which would benefit from wider discussion with any participants. Equally, the comments provided are meant to provoke the discussion so as to fulfill the wider purpose of COSMOS.