Email settings are only available to users with the Admin role within COSMOS. If you are unsure as to the impact of the changes, it is recommended that these settings remain unchanged.

In order for COSMOS to send emails to new users, it is necesary to configure specfic email settings. Whilst these settings are now set as default in COSMOS, some users may need their own settings to enable the sending of email. As of v3.4.0, these settings are provided by default, however customised email settings may be required for some instances.


SMTP Server

Within this section, the known details of an email server which is enabled to send emails must be added. Please contact your ISP or email service provider for these details. 

Email Sender

Email Address (#1): This is the actual email address of the sending email account. The format must be that of of an email e.g.

Email Address (#2): This is the name of the email sender. This can be any value.

Export / Import Email Settings


Should it be necessary to Export a complete set of email settings (for example to another instance or for backup), it is possible to do this using COSMOS. By clicking 'Export', the following box appears:


Select all the text from inside the box and copy it to the clipboard. Then click 'Close'.


To Import the settings from another instance, click the 'Import' button. The following box will appear:


Paste the copied text from the 'Export' process above into the box and click 'Import'. The email settings will now be imported.