The COSMOS Side-Bar Menu

The COSMOS Side-Bar Menu is a way to navigate within a project and provides access to the many models and sections of the COSMOS application. Within the COSMOS environment, this is also referred to as the Project Navigation and Model Questions pane.

The content of the COSMOS Side-Bar Menu depends on the models selected when creating a project, in the 'Project Details' options within the project.

Project Navigation

The full COSMOS Side-Bar Menu is seen as follows. Clicking on each of the menu items opens the following screens, models and areas of COSMOS:

image-1608291424810.pngProject Details: Gives the ability to rename the project, and also to provide information relating to the name of the creator of the COSMOS project, the country within which the COSMOS analysis is being undertaken, and also to select which models are part of the project.

Co-Creation of Service Model: Opens the Co-Creation of Service Model.

Analytical Model: Opens the Analytical Model.

Intervention Theory Model: Opens the Intervention Theory Model.

Change Model: Opens the Change Model.

Moral Ordering: Opens the Moral Ordering Model.

User Journey Model: Opens the User Journey Model.

Theory of Change: Opens the Theory of Change section.

Community Reporting: Open the Community Reporting section.

Social Media: Opens the Social Media section.

Documents: Opens the Documents section


In addtion, the following icons appear to provide quick access to either editing of the model or provide an overview of the text recorded. 


Opens the chosen menu item in edit mode whereby the End User can add, delete and edit content in the appropriate section.


Provides an overview of text that has been input into the model. Applies to Change Model, Moral Ordering, and User Journey Model.



Once inside a section or model, this returns the user back to the top of the COSMOS Side-Bar Menu.

The ability to edit models within COSMOS depends on the End User permissions. If the End User does not have 'Edit' permissions, this option is not visible.

Model Questions

The Side-Bar Menu within COSMOS also doubles-up as way to interact with COSMOS. Within each of the COSMOS Models (and the Theory of Change, Community Reporting, Social Media, and Documents sections) there are text boxes within which input from the End User is required. 

The following example highlights this within the 'Co-Creation of Service Model':


The Title entered in the Project Navigation and Model Questions on the left, appears in the Responsive Model Canvas in real-time. Also, after each question, there is a 'Next' button to move on to the next question/request for input:


Equally, as questions are answered, the responses as well as a reveal of the model, are added to the Responsive Model Canvas.

In order for a model to appear completed in the Responsive Model Canvas, all questions must be completed - any blank reponses will not reveal the model in its entirity.

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